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Clean MGA Data Delivered Daily

Reduce the administrative overhead of managing MGA portfolios by up to 50% using Noldor Connect

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Written Premiums
Daily Transactions
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How it works


Flexible Integrations

  • Noldor is data agnostic building bespoke integrations with any data source
  • From spreadsheets, to policy administration systems and custom databases

Bespoke Views

  • Your unique business rules and validation checks can be applied before delivery
  • Ensuring equal application of business rules without sacrificing data provenance

Program Alerts

  • Robust data enables robust alerting – providing daily visibility into underwriting and claims development

Do More With Less

Decrease operational costs to connect, manipulate and maintain MGA data by more than 50%

Increase the speed, access, and accuracy to fit-for purpose data by at least an order of magnitude

Symbiosis between experts and machines that increases success and customer engagement

Digitally enabled MGA network enables turnkey access to program data accelerating onboarding

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to make sense of your data.

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