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The foundation for the future of insurance

About Noldor

Noldor combines the creative horsepower of Silicon Valley with the expertise of insurance. Technology is enabling a new future of deepened partnerships through openness and transparency. And Noldor is leading the way.


What separates the best from the rest when it comes to insurtech?

Placement, policies, portfolios, prospecting? All important factors, but how about something a little more powerful?


Noldor’s insurtech enablement tools foster a future of openness and transparency. Giving back the power of the pen to people and  creating unparalleled partnerships in the process.


Say goodbye to in-house MGA reporting for good. Noldor delivers turnkey, API information to MGAs. We’ll handle the processing, so you can focus on analyzing.

The future of insurance is here

For too long the industry hasn’t been able to differentiate between the best and the rest, but for the first time, technology is enabling a new future where partnerships are deepened through openness and transparency and are repaid in kind.

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Our Team

Scott Quiana

Chief Executive Officer

John Horneff


Elana Goldfrank

Chief Commercial Officer

Aimee Cardwell

Fractional Chief Information Officer

Ryan Buzzanca

Head of Engineering

Flavia Stanton

Head of People

Rose Seed

Product Manager

Ting Chang

Software Engineer

Anthony Liao

Software Engineer

John O'Farrell

Software Engineer

Josh Newman

Software Engineer

Andrew Hostetler

Software Engineer

Stephen Dragoni

Business Data Analyst

Aigerim Ayatkyzy

Business Data Analyst

Less time processing, more time analyzing

Today, the insurance industry spends far too much time processing data. Time that could be better used analyzing data to generate meaningful insights. Noldor remedies this by providing direct access to the most robust program data available⁠—enabling turnkey access to program data without the added headache.

Discover Noldor

Drives Us

Noldor redefines how the insurance industry does data. Our mission is to empower the best MGAs with devoted capacity through trusted brokers.

Noldor helps MGAs aggregate, normalize and report program information to their business partners via a robust suite of APIs. We roll our sleeves up, and handle all system integration work, giving us access to higher value problems that deliver meaningful value and reduce execution risk to our MGA partners.

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