Better Insurance Data...
Deeper Relationships

Noldor facilitates data transfers between MGAs and their business partners, providing data insights that improve underwriting results and streamline business operations.


Insight Generation Through Better Data

Noldor helps MGAs aggregate, normalize and report program information to their business partners via a robust suite of APIs. We roll our sleeves up, and handle all system integration work, giving us access to higher value problems that deliver meaningful value and reduce execution risk to our MGA partners.

Own Your Data
Data Ownership
MGAs have complete data access & permission controls
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Data Aggregation
Tech Agnostic
Noldor integrates with any policy administration system
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Improve Underwriting
Underwriting Insights
Robust AI/ML models provide UW profitability insights
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Perfect Reinsurance
Reinsurance Optimization
Ensure policy level profitability for reinsurance capacity.
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Startup Energy

Noldor is staffed by a team of technology experts with more than a decade of experience across some of the most complex, data-driven companies in fintech & insurtech.

With a proven track record of execution, we understand how to deliver value today while never losing site of our future vision.

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Institutional Credibility

Backed by D. E. Shaw, Noldor has considerable institutional support as well as a wealth of experience in reinsurance.

This enables us to be vision oriented and focus on delivering long term value rather than short term gains for our clients.


Technology & API-Driven

For too long data has been held hostage by closed technology ecosystems. In the short term it benefits technology vendors who want to lock in customers, but in the long term it stifles innovation.

Noldor seeks to be an open architecture API platform that allows our customers to quickly and easily move their data and incorporate new services without incurring extra friction.

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