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Keep up with dynamic portfolios


Keep abreast of your portfolio

Insurers and reinsurers trust MGAs to use their expertise to underwrite specialised risks and operate in unpenetrated geographies. While potentially profitable, these opportunities often involve fast-changing risk profiles which are only infrequently communicated to capacity providers. Noldor provides daily updates on MGA risk exposure, claims and inspections data so insurers can stay on top of dynamic risk portfolios and be responsive to change.

Underwriting Insights

Our data science models integrate data across MGA and TPA sources to provide a bird's-eye view of underwriting results and profitability. Noldor consolidates and digests the whole gamut of brokered policy, claims, inspection and loss modelling data to measure portfolio performance.

Reinsurance Optimization

Noldor allows insurers to provide feedback on data submissions from MGAs, giving coverholders and brokers the ability to respond quickly and flexibly to client needs. With updated knowledge of their risk down to the policy level, Noldor enables our clients to identify profitable opportunities and evolving risks on their balance sheet.

Standardised data for informed decision-making

With the Blueprint Two update by Lloyd's in 2020, MGAs are required to meet new digital reporting standards to ensure efficient and transparent data transfer. Noldor ensures insurers receive program data which meets these requirements and conform to leading data standards, giving our clients all the data they need for informed business decisions.