For Brokers

Capture New Business with Confidence


Streamline outdated risk reporting and place new business

Traditional bordereau processing and administration is labour-intensive and error-prone, inflating costs for brokers and compromising the quality of submissions to insurers. We employ modern data infrastructure tools to automate data aggregation, validation and enrichment, streamlining the back office and allowing brokers to grow their service offerings without the limits of manual data handling.

Plug and Play compatibility

Our open APIs plug into many policy administration systems making Noldor easily compatible with the MGA’s existing platform, integrating hands-free at the point of data origin or via multiple alternative channels.

Disparate data consolidation

Noldor integrates disparate data sources across bordereaux reports, claims, inspections and loss models to provide complex data aggregation, infeasible through typical manual processes. With a centralized portrait of your customer’s portfolio, Noldor allows you to effectively place the right risks with the right appetite.

Cut Down on the Back-and-Forth

Noldor enables brokers to bolster proposals with enriched client data and underwriting insights, illustrating compelling opportunities for reinsurance providers and helping to quickly secure new business capacity.

Reinsurance Acumen

Risks are ever-changing. Our advanced analytics give insights into new profitable opportunities and impending risks in your client’s portfolio. With Noldor’s frequent updates and the ability to receive feedback on submissions from reinsurers, you can respond quickly and effectively manage risk placement.

White-labelled Opportunity

We can also offer reinsurance brokers a white-labelled version of Noldor such that they can offer their clients the value of the platform and share in any revenues from upsell opportunities.