Reinsurance Optimization

Risk profiles change constantly making rapid reporting and feedback critical between MGAs, brokers and reinsurers. Noldor accelerates and enriches this information cycle so opportunities can be seized and threats avoided.



Brokers need to be able to place MGA risk with the most appropriate reinsurer and reinsurers need to communicate their evolving data needs in response to changes in their books. Although MGAs operate in specialised sectors with rapidly-changing risk profiles, bordereaux reports are only infrequently reported to reinsurers leaving reinsurers uninformed on evolving risks or opportunities in their portfolios.


Noldor provides real-time policy and portfolio level insights on profitability and risk models to allow reinsurers to give feedback to MGAs and brokers on their changing risk management needs. MGAs and brokers can leverage this to offer customer-centric reporting and strengthen partner relations.