Our Leadership

John Horneff


John is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and advisor in fintech and insurtech. With over a decade of track record in identifying, investing and operating early stage startups he’s held a variety of management roles spanning go-to-market, operations, and product development at Swyfft, Quovo, Palantir and Addepar. Today John is the Founder & CEO of Noldor. Outside Noldor you're likely to find him in the Hudson Valley playing with his wife & sons.

What we're doing is hard...

But we know from experience that sometimes it's the hardest jobs that are the most impactful! We've assembled a world class team of business operators, software engineers, and data scientists that are aligned in our goal to foster innovation in insurance.

Despite coming from diverse backgrounds across a variety of walks of life, we're united through a set of shared values. These values enable us to trust each other and encourage the hard work needed to help us execute on our long term vision.

Our Core Values

  1. Meritocracy - We foster open and honest debate. We listen, especially when we disagree. Ideas are always considered for their merit, regardless of their origin.
  2. Honesty - We believe cultivating a transparent and honest environment allows us to be our best selves and generate more meaningful impact for our partners – the world has enough "yes" men.
  3. Bias Towards Action - We are all ultimately accountable for our actions. We define our own path. We favor action over passivity, and seek to take bold steps into the future.
  4. Curiosity - We believe curiosity is instrumental to understanding. A willingness to ask “why?” with a desire to learn new things is central to our ability to uncover root causes of underlying problems.
  5. Fitness - "Mens sana in corpore sano": healthy body, healthy mind. We believe in providing an environment that enables healthy mind, body and spirit to develop – prioritizing exercise, education, and down time.
  6. Community - We're believers in the Scottish enlightenment. As we succeed and grow we hope to benefit our communities, more widely enabling the success of the individual and society together.

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